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Q.  Are there teams for boys and girls?

A. Yes, Sauk Prairie Lacrosse offers boys and girls lacrosse.  The rules for boys and girls lacrosse are quite different.  Girls' lacrosse is considered a non-contact sport.  Boys lacrosse has no checking at the youngest levels but progresses to full body checking by high school.  The rules for youth boys and girls can be found on the Badgerland Lacrosse website

Q.  Can girls play boys lacrosse?

A.  They can, but we encourage girls interested in playing lacrosse to register for the girls team.  

Q. When will the lacrosse season be 2024?

A. Practice will begin the week of April 8th. First weekend for games will be April 27th. The final weekend of head-to-head conference play will be June 2nd. We anticipate also participating in one or more touraments. 

Q.  When do teams practice?

A. It depends on the level of play. Boys teams practice Wednesdays from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at Culver Community Park in Prairie du Sac, and our older boys have an additinal practice on Friday. Girls teams practice together and as the season approaches we will announce on what days.

Q.  Is a USA Lacrosse membership required?

A.  Yes, a USA Lacrosse membership is required for all players youth through high school in the state of Wisconsin.  USA Lacrosse youth membership is $35 annually.

Q.  What equipment is required?

A.  For boys a stick, helmet with mouth guard, gloves, arm pads, shoulder pads and cup are required.  Helmets can be rented from the club for $20. Cleats are strongly encouraged. For girls a stick, mouth guard and goggles are required.  Cleats are strongly encouraged and don't have to be lacrosse specific. Boys and girls lacrosse sticks are different.

Uniforms are provided by the Club, but players will need to provide their own shorts, preferably all black. 

Q. Where can I buy equipment and how much does it cost?

A. Equipment can be purchased locally at Dick’s Sporting Goods. ‚ÄčThere are also quiet a few options on the Internet. One of the better online vendors for lacrosse equipment is  An adequate stick costs $30-50 (recommended model for boys:  STX Stallion 200 or Stallion 50 for 8U players, but others are fine).  Shoulder pads, arm guards and gloves for boys youth play can be purchased as a set for about $100.  Hockey shoulder pads can be used for lacrosse.  Lacrosse specific armguards and gloves are recommended.

The club has a few girls sticks available to loan prior to purchasing a stick. Goggles cost approximately $30.  We encourage the girls to start to wear the goggles in advance of practice to get used to the feel and find the right fit.

Q.  I play another spring sport can I still play lacrosse?

A.  Yes, ideally all the players would attend all of the practices.  It is understood that some players will play other sports.  The Club thinks young athletes should be allowed to try a variety of sports.  Keep in mind that those that attend the practices are more likely to improve and advance their skills faster than those who miss practice.  In addition, those who attend practice regularly may get a little more playing time on game day.

Q. I've never played lacrosse before can I still participate?

A. Absolutely.  Lacrosse is a relatively new sport to our area.  Every year we get beginners at all levels including high school.  Each season, the coaching staffs dedicates a large percentage of time to teaching fundamentals.

Q.  Where are the games played?

A.  Typically, the schedule is split between home and away games.  This means that half of the schedule will be played in Sauk Prairie at the fields surrounding the SPHS Stadium.  Away games are almost exclusively played in the Madison metro area.  Teams in our conference (Badgerland Lacrose) include DeForest, Janesville, Madison Westside, Madison Eastside, Verona, Middleton, Oregon, Sun Prairie, Stoughton, Sun Prairie and Waunakee.

Q. I'd like to help but I don't know a thing about the sport.

A.  That's OK. We are well aware that most of the people in the area are unfamiliar with the sport.  In fact, almost everybody currently involved with club had no background or experience with lacrosse prior to volunteering with the club.  We'll work with anybody that is willing to help to make sure they have a positive experience.  

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The Sauk Prairie Lacrosse Club was founded in 2006. Our first teams competed at the High School level within the Madison Area Lacrosse Club (now called: Badgerland Lacrosse Association). Sauk Prairie Lacrosse co-ops with Baraboo, Wisconsin Heights and Lodi High Schools. Our teams have won 2 WLF State Championships and been Runner Up twice. Sauk Prairie Lacrosse Club (SPLAX) offers programming for Youth, K-8, to boys and girls in the Sauk Prairie and surrounding areas.